Sunday, August 31, 2014

BOOKING IN , CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY and all that other boaring but important stuff


We need a Minimum of 5 people booked in for each classes for them to run.
Bookins are required by 8pm night before for 9am and 9:30am classes and before 12noon for day of for 5:45pm classes. Once we have reached a minimum number of booking classes are to be considered ON and casual drop ins are welcome.

If a class need to be cancelled Notification will be made on the Aqua@Riverway FaceBook page so please head over and like and follow it.

We use a real time calendar on the web site so if a class needs to be cancelled on given day it will be removed and you will not be able to book in for that session.

If a class is still showing on the timetable it means it is on and drop-ins are welcome.
There is no Maximum number for classes held at Riverway lagoons, but the Wednesday 9:30 class is capped at 15 people due to the pool. size

Bookings can be made a few way, either by using the
"Book In" icon on the blog to the right or
Entering your name in the ROLL CALL status on the Aqua@Riverway facebook page for the day you want to attend.
Or By SMS to 0423110175 with your name before booking cut off times above.


If you have booked and paid for a class and it has to be cancelled you will be informed and credited the class fee. This includes time when minimum number of bookings are not reached, Instructor illness or absence or due to weather. If you book for a class but do not show you will lose your payment, unless you notify us via email that you cannot attend before the start of class.


Classes still run if it is only raining, but not during thunderstorms. Classes also run if Townsville is on Cyclone Watch, but are Cancelled if we are on Cyclone Warning. Once again if you are unsure about a given day please check the Aqua@Riverway facebook page

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